Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter in the North

Although my family is one for tradition, this year we ventured northward to visit my lacrosse playing brother in Philly this Easter. Easter, not only is a time of celebrating Jesus' resurrection, has developed into a full-fledged family fellowship holiday, full of egg-dying and ham baking. This unconventional year served as an opportunity to celebrate in a completely different way. 
I was quite surprised to step off the plane and not be frozen to the bone.  Native to Florida, the cold and I tend to not get along. And seeing how the 2014 massive winter storm invaded and made a home for itself up north, I was fearful of a frosty experience. However, this past winter's seemingly endless polar vortex transformed into a glorious sixty degree weekend, which provided the perfect weather for watching a lacrosse game. But still, I found myself shivering. 
 Even though the holiday was not filled with homemade desserts, or colored eggs, we managed to make a weekend of it. We met my brother's friends, attended his lacrosse game, and dined in some fabulous restaurants. Overall, it was a successful weekend.

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