Sunday, June 29, 2014


Well, this has been one heck of a week. 6 college tours, in 4 days. I think that is pretty impressive. And exhausting… My mom, brother, and I drove through 4 states, ate all the fried food we could, and managed  to drink our weight in sweet tea. It was quite successful. As my college touring for this week began to unwind, I started to think about all the campuses and what they had to offer. So I thought the best way to share my thoughts with you is to rank them, and the reason for my ranking. 

Wake is definitely my least favorite school. Like I mentioned in a previous post, the admissions counselor constantly described pieces of the campus as "quirky." I'm all for people have some quirks, but I'm not a fan of "quirky sports", "quirky academics", or "quirky social lives." It just totally did not seem like the place for me. 

Maybe it was because I didn't actually tour the campus, but nothing seemed to really wow me. Yes, it was a really nice college campus, but other schools really made a stronger impression on me. 

Nothing about Clemson is truly bad, I like the campus. It checks off basically everything I want in a college campus. My least favorite part of the campus is the dorm rooms. They are quite small. 

Elon has a very, very lovely campus. The communications department is incredible. Since I want to study under the Communications department, it was a huge plus for me to see. I gave Elon my 3rd place spot not because I didn't like the school, but because other campuses impressed me more. 

Coming in second place, UGA! UGA has a true authentic college campus. It seems like the campus you see in the movies, classic and southern. The only down side is the size of the campus. Yes, I know most big state universities are large, but I don't want to have to drive to class every day. 

My number one college from this trip is Furman University! The campus is truly GORGEOUS, and the school is very strong in academics. The surrounding town, Greenville, is absolutely perfect and is such a cool place to hang out. It is probably the best private campus for me. It has everything I want and more. 

Well, that's my college trip in a nutshell! If you have any questions about any of the campuses I visited, comment below!


  1. I just graduated from James Madison University [VA] and this post definitely brought me down memory lane!