Wednesday, June 25, 2014

College #4: Furman University

College #4! Today, we toured the beautiful campus of Furman University. Several people I know attend Furman, so I was excited to see what all the hype was about. Driving up to the campus, one may think it is a country club. I mean the school has a golf course and everything. Even though parts of it look like a country club, the whole campus definitely has that "college" feel. 
One thing I really like about Furman is that all students live on campus. I know some would like to live off campus in their later years, but I think staying on campus really ensures one is fully involved. And the dorms are not bad at all! Yes, they have communal bathrooms for Freshman and Sophomores, but once you hit your Junior year, you start living in apartment style rooms. 
Another thing I really appreciate is that cars can't actually drive near any of the academic buildings; they can only drive really on the outer parts of campus. One thing I hate about some of the large public schools is the amount of traffic that consumes the campus. I would rather hear birds chirping and students bustling to their next class than the honking of one's horn. 
The town of Greenville is pretty darn amazing. It is the perfect little city. It has tons of small boutiques and delicious sounding restaurants. As we walked down the street, we wanted to try everything! One of the really neat things about Greenville is the waterfall area with a suspended bridge. It is such a gorgeous little park! Another bonus is the campus has a direct trail to the park. 
Overall, I really loved Furman. On top of being a great academic school, it seems the school and town surrounded offers a lot for the students. 

Here's some facts about Furman: 
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Undergrad Students: 2,753
Colors: Purple and White
Mascot: Paladin (it is like a knight)

Shirt: Kenar(Marshalls find)//Shorts: Vineyard Vines(similar)//Shoes: Jack Rogers//Bag: Dooney and Bourke

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