Thursday, June 26, 2014

College #5: Elon University

Finally! The last day of college tours!!! My mom, brother and I are so exhausted from driving from one campus to the other, walking around in the heat. So college #5 was Elon University. The overall look of it was very similar to Furman. Everything has the same classic brick buildings that I love so much. Also, the dorms were extremely nice. They didn't have that typical cinder block wall, and they came with a microwave and fridge. (Bonus!)

What most impressed me was the Communications department. It is VERY impressive. They have several college Emmy's and other prestigious awards from student directed projects. Since I plan on studying within Communications, it was a huge plus for me to see how successful the department is. Even Brian Williams sent his son to Elon to study communications!

Here are some facts about Elon:
Location: Elon, North Carolina
Undergrad Students: 5,225
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Mascot: Phoenix

After our spot at Elon, we rushed over to Winston-Salem for our later tour at Wake Forest University. In between the two tours, we of course had to eat lunch and watch USA vs Germany in the World Cup. To be completely honest, I couldn't care less about soccer and the World Cup, but if America wins something, I'm all in. (they didn't sadly)

For our final tour (#6), we journeyed on over to Wake Forest. The Welcome Center is impossible to find. We drove around in circle FOREVER before we could find it. We even called the center itself, and they gave us the wrong place to go! 

So we pulled up right on time to go into the center and walked in as an admissions counselor began to talk about the school. Man, she rambled on. She seemed to talk for hours about her experiences and what not. That was the beginning of my turn off from the school. Secondly, she said the word "quirky" to describe basically everything. I was not a fan of that. Lastly, everything seemed too pretentious. So, we didn't even go on the tour. I saw no point in walking around a campus with no desire to go to the school. 

Have you toured either Elon or Wake? Let me know your thoughts!

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