Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekly Verse: John 13:7

Some days I really wonder what I have done wrong. You know those days when your contact falls on the floor, or you sneeze right after you put on the perfect coat of mascara?  Or what about those days when your best friend betrays you and you are left completely and utterly alone. I've had a lot of those days. I feel almost betrayed by God. And I know God will never betray me, but somedays you really just hit rock bottom. 

The hardest thing for me has been realizing it is all for some greater purpose. This past year I changed friend groups. It was a huge decision for me, but honestly it was the greatest choice I have ever made. During that awkward period before I found my true friends, I felt alone all the time. I felt like nobody cared about me or what I was feeling. Probably the only thing that kept me going was my family and my faith. Ever since that day, when I felt completely terrible, my mom would remind me that it would all get better. Then, there were also verses like John 13:7 that revealed God was doing great things in my life. I may have felt alone and that things would never get better, but I was completely wrong. Months later after all this happened, I have found the best friends in the entire world, I have become the captain of my cheerleading team, I am an Ambassador (Christian leader) at my school, and I am preparing for one of the best years of my life. I know everything won't go perfectly my Senior year. I know that some days I will just want to come home and cry. But verses like John 13:7 are a wonderful reminder to me and to everyone else that no matter what is happening, good or bad, God is preparing me and you for amazing things to come. I may not have understood why I had to go through so much at the time, but I have come out such a stronger and more determined person. I thank God for all the troubles in my life, because they are blessings in disguise. 

Jesus replied, "You do not realize what I am doing, but later you will understand."
John 13:7

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