Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last First Game

 I absolutely love cheering. It just brings me such joy, and it really helps having an amazing team. This year, my team consists of 19 girls. That is a TON for my school. Somehow though, we are the most bonded we've been in my past 3 years. They make all the hard work worth it.

After six long years, I have finally reached the final seventh. Sadly, for our first game our uniforms did not come in. I was seriously upset. This year, our team is getting completely new uniforms (I helped pick out). I'm praying they come before Friday. So, back to the first game. After cheering for the 1st quarter, there was a lightning delay. An hour and a half delay. We thought for sure the game would get called, but it never did. So after sitting in a humid, hot gym, we were able to go back out. Our team ended up winning 42-14! 

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