Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Floridian's Fall

 Even though this week was the official start of fall, it is still sunny and a whopping 90 degrees in Florida. I mean it is the Sunshine State, but some cooler weather would be nice. A HUGE issue for us Floridians is finding something to wear in these awkward months of warm weather right before winter. It is very unlikely that we will see anything below 80 until late November, so sweaters and riding boots simply won't cut it. Unfortunately, those are the only options one can find when shopping! There is never a Florida-friendly selection at large clothing chains. So, we must make do. 

In order to emphasize the change in season, I love doing a deep red lip (this is my favorite). It is the perfect way to add a "fall" color into a summery wardrobe. I love this dress (which I refer to as my Kate Middleton dress) because it can work in any season (or occasion). All you have to do is accessorize to match the season. Lastly, I finished my ensemble with a nude heel. The simplicity of a nude shoe is the best way to ensure you don't go overboard with accessories. Nude also works perfectly with "fall" neutrals. 

Dress: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls find)//Shoes: Nine West (Marshalls find)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stripes and Flowers

Hello All! I know I haven't posted in quite some time, but I am finally going to get back into the groove of things. So far, Senior year has been amazing! My cheerleading team has accomplished so much, I was named Senior Class Representative, and I have committed to represent the National Cheerleading Association in Walt Disney World's Christmas Extravaganza Parade! I am literally SO excited. (It airs on ABC Christmas morning, so check me out!)

As this year goes on, I'm finding myself getting more and more busy. However, it's not homework. I seriously have zero homework this year (even though I'm taking 3 AP's), but I'll save my rant about that for another day. I feel like every weekend, I have another activity. For instance, this weekend I had to take the ACT (ugh), and I went to a monogramming party! (The latter was much more enjoyable) For the party, I decided to wear my Dayton K backless dress. I got this dress last fall, and I absolutely adore it. It is so different from anything one could find in a store, and it is so comfortable. Even though fall is arriving quickly, it stays summery in Florida till about November, so I wanted to wear this before it got cooler! It is perfect for just a day out, or you can dress it up with a fierce shoe (like my Kate Spade heels!). You should definitely head over to Dayton K's website and check out their unique and original dresses!

Dress: Dayton K//Shoes: Kate Spade (Marshalls find)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekly Verse: Songs of Solomon 4:7

Do you ever have those days? Those days when you look around and only see other’s perfection. Whether that girl over there never has to deal with frizzy hair or that guy in third period is the ultimate athlete, you struggle. You struggle with the fact you aren’t them. That is one of the hardest parts about growing up in the 2000s. Image is everything. Trust me, I know. I’ve had my share in the jealousy act, wanting everything that I can’t have.

Song of Solomon 4:7 states, “You are altogether beautiful, my love; 
there is no flaw in you.” Read that verse again. Jesus created you in His glorious image; He created you with such divine detail that no other person on the planet is just like you. Nobody. God cares for you so much. He loves you so much that He would create you flawlessly. I know that is hard to wrap your head around. God really made ME flawless? The answer is yes. Even though you may see flaws in your looks or personality, God doesn’t. God does not care about what you are wearing or if you follow all the trends; all God wants is for you to commit your life to Him and His teachings. Just think of all the good that could come from you if you stopped thinking about your imperfections and you looked upon God.

Letting go of jealousies is easier said than done, but if you ask for God’s help He will deliver. John 16:33 states, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” God knows you will struggle with not only image but also all other aspects of this world. He knows that you will sometimes fail in your walk with Him, and you will sometimes stray from the path, but He forgives. God will forgive you for putting your looks before Him. He will forgive you for spending more time looking in the mirror than looking inside a Bible. You just have to ask. God overcame this world. He will take control of your life; He will protect you from the evils of this world.

Now, I want you to re-read Songs of Solomon 4:7. Speak it to yourself. You have worth. You are made in God’s perfect image; so don’t let other people’s appearances affect your life. You are flawless.