Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is a blessing and a curse at my school. It is unbelievable how all students, faculty, parents and administrators get into it. It is also unbelievable how sick every gets during the insane festivities. For example, me and 72 other high school students are out today due to the flu. Yep, 72. Now at a public school that wouldn't seem as much, but that is pretty much half of my high school. So while I'm stuck home (I finally broke my fever!!!), I figured it was perfect timing to get out my homecoming post. 
Homecoming week is crazy. If you think/thought your high school had an amazing homecoming week, think again. Because my school is very small, EVERYBODY puts forth their absolute body and soul into a week of classes battling to take the coveted first place. 

The week starts of with the traditional pep rally. At the pep rally classes face off in pie eating, banner presentation, mascot competitions, minute to win it games, dance competitions, and flag presentations. Here are a few shots from the crazy night. 

Here is the senior class mascot. We proudly took first for this. The ironic thing is that we made it the day of. Literally, during class meetings a few of us asked the principal if we could go buy stuff for it, and she gladly let us go. It's amazing what two pillow cases glued together can do.

It is probably good to mention that the Senior theme this year is America. Every year the seniors pick a theme, and nothing better describes our class's love for the United States of America. 

This is our proudest accomplishment. Every year, this one girl and her father outdo themselves with the flag. We have gotten first place every year, and Senior year did not disappoint. 

Now, that was only a brief view of the pep rally, but if I included it all, this post would drag on endlessly. Dress days at my school are like everything else, ridiculous. People really go out of the box to make amazing costumes. Tuesday was Famous Families day. While some people choose the more obvious families like Duck Dynasty or the Brady Bunch, my group was Cinderella (I actually was Cinderella!). 

Never under estimate what you can find at Good Will! I got that beautiful wedding dress for around $40!
The next dress day was Thursday. It was TBT day (original right?). My group's outfit was a very long story which only Cambridge students would understand, so I'll show some of the other groups. On Thursday, the Seniors took 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th. We basically ruled. 

This group throwback to our elementary morning show. Those are legitimate lower school uniforms and everything.

The final day was Inanimate Object day. I love this day. It is such a broad subject, so everyone has freedom to do pretty much anything. 

We of course had to do an American flag!

This was hilarious. My group was bowling pins, and we couldn't get up once we fell over!


Gumball machine!
Now this was only a portion of my homecoming week. I hope you enjoyed seeing a different take on a traditional homecoming week!

Have any great memories from Homecoming week? 

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