Monday, November 24, 2014

Preppy Girl's Christmas List

It's finally that time of year again! I have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I can't wait for the cookie and hot cocoa season to begin. Not going to lie, I have already started listening to Christmas music (yes, I am one of those people) and have had my fair share of hot chocolate. 

Trying to find Christmas presents for your loved ones can be one of the most challenging tasks of the year. You definitely don't want to be the one who gives away a gift card, or the one who tries so hard they bypass the gift recipient's wishes. A gift has to show you care for the receiver, and actually thought to find the best present. As a girl who has some insight into a teenage girl's mind, here are my tips for buying for the preppy girl in your life. 

Well actually anything Kendra Scott would be perfect for a preppy girl. These drop earrings have become the latest fashion trend and come in every color! While some are on the expensive side, the classic Kendra Scott look is inexpensive and the perfect gift! My personal favorites are the black, orange, and turquoise

These happen to be on my personal Christmas list this year. While completely functional ("the original antidote to wet feet"), Bean boots look adorable with a nice pair of trouser socks and jeans! Bean boots also come in a variety of colors. I prefer the classic tan version, but all other colors are equally appealing. 

Who wouldn't want to pair of J. Crew Pj's? 

My Jack Rogers are my favorite pair of shoes. I wear them with absolutely everything, from running shorts to my Sunday best. For any Jacks lover, this necklace is the perfect gift. For that rare, rare occasion when Jacks aren't appropriate, a Jacks lover can keep her Jacks by her heart. 

Since I will be going to college out of state, scarfs have been on my mind constantly. In Florida, you can't find a reason to purchase a scarf, unless you are going out of state. While I am completely excited to go out of state, I'm not super excited to be cold. The infinity scarf has been my solution. They are extremely cute, and actually provide warmth. 

This has got to be my favorite thing on the list. A few weeks back, I decided to buy myself monogrammed ear warmers, and I couldn't be happier. They are SO warm. The one day it got into the forties, they were my best friend. These will certainly be coming with me when I head to New York in January. I bought these from a shop on Etsy. I know some are leery of Etsy, because it can be a scam (I am too), but this shop was so great! The owner was happy to answer my questions and even sent me a picture of the color selection I wanted. 

Okay, confession time. I am in love with this Tartan cap. Any prepster would die to have this wool cap in their possession (me included!). 

Have any other suggestions for a Prepster's Christmas List?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Coastline Outfitters

Hello everyone! I am excited to officially announce that I am an ambassador for Coastline Outfitters! Not only do they sell adorable t-shirts (I love this shirt for it's patriotic look, and it goes great with a red lip!), but they truly embody the preppy spirit! Their mission is to bring Coastline Outfitters to the front of the line of preppy companies. I loved this excerpt from their website:

"Can two 17 years-olds from Cincinnati, Ohio pull off a new clothing line to rival the big boys? These young, ambitious, preppy, business partners aim to surpass Vineyard Vines someday.Founding Partners Anthony and Andrew are preppy to the core. Though they can walk in just about anyone’s shoes, these kids know and understand the “Preppy Lifestyle” and the clothing that comes with it. So they figure that, if they are the target audience, they sure as heck know what the target audience wants. – Quality frat/fraternity ( srat/sorority)- style garments, well made, with a unique design, at an affordable price.Working non-stop since the Spring, they have managed to put together their initial offering of preppy T-shirts that any truly fratty / sratty/ preppy kid would be proud to wear. Setting up shop in downtown Cincinnati, street vending, and working the internet, (currently planning a blow-out blog launch in late July) they hope to explode onto the scene and make enough money on their first run to get their fall collection together.

They hope you will jump on the wagon and buy a shirt or two. – As you will not find these designs anywhere else. So if you want to have your own unique style of collegiate shirt, jump on this first run. You just might want to ask for a signature T. -Just in case these boys make it to the top.…. Besides, nobody is ever “dazzled” by a conformist. Now is your time to separate yourself. – Not just fitting in, but standing out."
Be sure to stop on by the Coastline Outfitter's website and check out their amazing t-shirts! 

Use the code: 'apambassador2014' to get 35% and be sure to mention "The Southern Fox" at checkout!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Circles & Boots

It is no secret that I hate polka dots. Everything about them irritates me. It is even bothering me writing this. That is why I wanted to make this clear: this pattern is geometric circles, not the randomly assorted polka dots. 

Now that is all clear, I would love to explain why living in Florida is so very amazing. This past week, the weather was in the seventies. Ah, so nice! I know that may still be warm for some of you Northern folk, but down here that is an excuse to pull out your favorite pairs of boots. This black pair has been with me for some time, and I can't image getting through this fall/winter without them. Looking great with this dress, these boots also look stylish with a pair of dark wash jeans. They are the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe. 

Dress: (Marshalls find)//Boots: Audrey Brooke

Have any favorite pairs of boots? 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Revamping Old Clothes

I love getting dressed up. As Kate Spade has wisely stated, "Playing dress-up begins at age 5 and never truly ends." So, when I'm having a good hair day, I find it absolutely necessary to try on everything in my closet and dance around my room to my favorite music (right now it is this). There's something about trying different pieces together and dancing around in heels that is so refreshing. I love how I can discover a new way to style an old dress and restore my original adoration for it. 

This dress I wore for Christmas a few years back. I honestly have only wore it a few times, and I found it, all wrinkled up, jammed between some other older clothes in my closet. When I put it on for the first time in forever, I was amazed. I had completely forgotten how much I loved it! The clean lines of the skirt paired with the V-neckline were reason enough to iron it and bring it back to life. I matched it with these Nine West heels to add a little sass and topped off the look with a deep red lip. I had so much fun strutting around in this outfit! 

Another great bonus about this outfit is it was all purchased either at Marshalls or T.J. Maxx!

Dress: Be Bop (Marshalls find)//Shoes: Nine West (Marshalls find)//Earrings: T.J. Maxx find

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Orange & Black

I love being able to style a dress in different ways. Whether you change your hair, accessories, or shoes, I believe you can find 50 different ways to look like you're wearing a new outfit every day. I styled it two different ways: one with boots, the other with heels. I think wearing boots with this dress plays it down just enough and also, provides a little warmth. By pairing it with heels, the dress is more mature and sophisticated. Both looks express my new found love of orange and black!

Dress: Carmen (Marshalls find)//Boots: Audrey Brooke //Heels: Nine West (Marshalls find)//Necklace: Tiffany and Company

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Okay, confession time. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan (I have been to all of her headline tours, know every lyric to every single song, and pretty much know any T. Swift fact). One thing is for certain about a Taylor fan: they have to evolve with her. Taylor started out as the sweet Pennslyvania country singer who had the guts to sing about the infamous Tim McGraw. Now, she is taking New York by storm, leading the music industry. Just as she has grown up into the confident woman she is, her fans have too. 

At my school's talent show this past week, I had a revelation. I have been a part of the talent show (required by all choir members) since I was in 7th grade. As I stood on that stage for the last time, I looked around and realized how old I've gotten. I'm not just that small underclassmen; I am a senior that the underclassman look up to. It was truly an empowering moment. In a couple of months, I will have left my mark on my school's (which I've attended since 1st grade) campus and be moving on to my next adventure. 

When I first listened to "Shake It Off," I couldn't have been more excited. It was a symbol of how energetic her new album was going to be. It did not disappoint. Every song is filled with a different power energy that reflects independence and freedom. Every song is a "scream at the top of your lungs while your in the car" song. Every song makes me want to dance around the room. I love it. 

Some of my favorite songs are "Style," "Blank Space," "Wildest Dreams,"I Know Places," and "Bad Blood." What are your favorites?