Monday, November 17, 2014

Coastline Outfitters

Hello everyone! I am excited to officially announce that I am an ambassador for Coastline Outfitters! Not only do they sell adorable t-shirts (I love this shirt for it's patriotic look, and it goes great with a red lip!), but they truly embody the preppy spirit! Their mission is to bring Coastline Outfitters to the front of the line of preppy companies. I loved this excerpt from their website:

"Can two 17 years-olds from Cincinnati, Ohio pull off a new clothing line to rival the big boys? These young, ambitious, preppy, business partners aim to surpass Vineyard Vines someday.Founding Partners Anthony and Andrew are preppy to the core. Though they can walk in just about anyone’s shoes, these kids know and understand the “Preppy Lifestyle” and the clothing that comes with it. So they figure that, if they are the target audience, they sure as heck know what the target audience wants. – Quality frat/fraternity ( srat/sorority)- style garments, well made, with a unique design, at an affordable price.Working non-stop since the Spring, they have managed to put together their initial offering of preppy T-shirts that any truly fratty / sratty/ preppy kid would be proud to wear. Setting up shop in downtown Cincinnati, street vending, and working the internet, (currently planning a blow-out blog launch in late July) they hope to explode onto the scene and make enough money on their first run to get their fall collection together.

They hope you will jump on the wagon and buy a shirt or two. – As you will not find these designs anywhere else. So if you want to have your own unique style of collegiate shirt, jump on this first run. You just might want to ask for a signature T. -Just in case these boys make it to the top.…. Besides, nobody is ever “dazzled” by a conformist. Now is your time to separate yourself. – Not just fitting in, but standing out."
Be sure to stop on by the Coastline Outfitter's website and check out their amazing t-shirts! 

Use the code: 'apambassador2014' to get 35% and be sure to mention "The Southern Fox" at checkout!

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