Sunday, December 14, 2014

Disney Day #3: Performance Day!

I was so excited to wake up on Saturday morning; it was performance day! I honestly could not wait to put on my bright red and metallic green uniform, head over to Magic Kingdom, and perform. You can't even imagine the weird looks I got for wearing my Christmas uniform. But once people got off the monorail and saw the HUGE TV cameras, the looks stopped. Cameras lined Main Street, and DIsney workers were busy placing cables and wires into their positions. After scouting out a place for my parents to sit during the performance, my mom dropping me off with my NCA buddy. From there, I headed backstage at Disney (which surprisingly wasn't that cool) to practice for the performance. I was so psyched! 

When the directors told us it was finally time to make our way through the park to Main Street, the energy changed around me. People were no longer nervous about messing up or forgetting the routine completely. They were headed to be a part of something that they would never forget, an opportunity that is so rare people find it unreal. 

Once we finally walked through Magic Kingdom to our positions, we were ready to perform. The crowd was energetic, and we fed off their energy. When the music came on, those months of practice and anticipation came to an end. We were performing on Main Street, at Magic Kingdom, for a show airing on ABC. 

The first few times, we all still had energy. However, by the twentieth time, we found ourselves sitting on the pavement between takes. Other cheerleaders who had been before said that the longest they ever filmed was 20 minutes. We filmed for an hour and 20 minutes. I don't know if I have ever been so exhausted in my life. Although I was exhausted , it was truly an amazing experience. Standing in the middle of Main Street, filming something that would be shown on TV's across the country, was surreal.  I was able to meet people from across the country and be a part of a 830 member team. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity.

Be sure to check me out Christmas morning on ABC!

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