Thursday, January 1, 2015

Writing With Sparklers

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe it is finally 2015. This year is going to be a big one for me. Tomorrow, I leave for New York, in March, I go to Barbados on a missions trip, in May, I graduate high school (I can't believe it!), and in August, I start my first year at college. It is pretty busy, but I'm excited as ever to start this chapter of my life. 

With the new year, most people try new things. Typically these "things" involve joining a gym, going to church, or bettering themselves. While I'm intent on growing myself (spiritually, athletically, and socially), I am also willing to try some smaller, fun "things", such as writing with sparklers!

I have wanted to try this for some time, and finally my family went out and bought some sparklers (my dad bought 120…). I was worried the pictures would be impossible to take and be an epic fail, but they actually turned out well! 
The trick is setting your camera to the proper settings. I got a Nikon D3200 for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) and changing the settings was extremely easy. 

Short words written in cursive work the best.
In layman's terms (for a Nikon):
1. Turn the dial on the top of the camera to "S". 
2. Then, turn the dial on the back of the camera to the right until you see 10" on the screen. By doing this, you are setting the shutter speed to 10 seconds. You can adjust it to the length of the word you write. (Longer words need more time)
3. Once you set your camera up, place it on a tripod or steady surface. (I used a tripod)
4. Lastly, light your sparkler and write! (you need another person to press the trigger on the camera)

This is my attempt at a fox!
You need to remember, you have to write backwards, or the word will appear backwards in the picture. (It took forever for me to figure out how to do a backwards five) It takes a few times to get the hang of it, but once you get it, you can do pretty much anything. 

Try having two people going at once to get multiple words or symbols!
Longer names are hard to do! 
My brother's fraternity symbol (Phi Psi)
I hope my instructions were helpful!