Monday, March 16, 2015


After a long hiatus, I am finally ready to begin blogging again. Dealing with the end of cheerleading, surgery(ugh), and a missions trip to Barbados, I was quite busy. But with my final year of high school dwindling down and some extra time on my hands, I am prepared to pop out some new posts!

One of my favorite opportunities at my school is the annual choir trip to a Caribbean island. Not only do we get to have fun in the sun, but we minister to the Caribbean people through song. While it is not as intense as building houses or digging wells, I believe that these trips help people. Not only do we demonstrate to the Caribbean people that teenagers still worship God, many members of the choir are spiritually revived on these trips. 

This year, my choir director took 56 students to the island of Barbados (or as some people like to say: Rihanna's homeland). To be honest,' I was a little nervous about this trip. While I had been on three trips before (St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica), the accommodations were far different than what they typically were. I don't want to sound spoiled, but the lack of air conditioning, hot water, and contact with my parents made me uneasy. But I survived! It turns out that the island is incredibly windy, so I would actually wake up freezing, the water wasn't too cold, and on those rare occasions, I found wifi so I could message my family. 

My favorite part of these trips is singing to the children. No matter if we have an off day or we are exhausted, they soak up everything we have to offer. Being surrounded by smiling, hugging kids is very heart-warming. 

It is amazing how in other countries' public schools are allowed to teach the Bible. Although the people don't have the material things we have in America, they are happy. They are glad to be provided for and don't take anything for granted.The island people surround their lives around church and praising God. I only wish that could be a trend in America. 

 I am honestly blessed to have been part of such life changing trips to these beautiful islands. The smiling faces will hold a special place in my heart, and I hope everybody can experience a trip like these. 

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